KeyWatcher Touch

The securest way to manage your buildings keys

KeyWatcher Touch Illuminated System is
the access control solution for physical keys. Every keys are
accounted for at all times, with full tracking, reporting and
alerts for your defined incidents.

  • – Programmable to release Keys within specified day(s) of week to Users only within certain time zones;
  • – “KeyAnywhere” Keys returned to any KeyWatcher Touch within a site;
  • – “My Keys Out” See which keys you have out, if any are overdue, and when they will become overdue;
  • – “KeyFind” Locate a key in any KeyWatcher Touch within a site;
  • – One-Time User Codes. Allows a temporary user code to be programmed;
  • – Release keys to authorised tradies through pin code, finger print or swipe card.


Every facility is safer with the addition of a key control and
management system. Physical keys
continue to be mission-critical for every type of organization,
we are dedicated to delivering the best
solutions for managing, controlling, tracking and auditing all
your keys.


Perfect for:

• Residential buildings
• Retirement complexes
• Healthcare facilities
• Conference centers
• Control rooms
• Educational institutions
• Residential hotels
• Hotels and resorts
• Government agencies
• Corporate buildings
• Automotive businesses


keep larger objects secure with SmartKey™ Locker Systems SmartKey

Locker systems are the ideal solution for securing, controlling and tracking larger objects. Featuring an intuitive touchscreen interface and enhanced access control integration capabilities, SmartKey Lockers let users manage laptop computers, cash trays and other restricted items efficiently and securely. Lockers can be set up as a personal storage space for one or multiple users, and like all Morse Watchmans solutions, they are customizable and scalable. It’s just one more way Morse Watchmans continues to use outside-the-box thinking – right inside the box.

SmartKey Lockers secure:

  • Laptops/tablets
  • Personal items
  • Weapons
  • Cash trays
  • Cell phones
  • Data terminals
  • Medications
  • Hand-held radios

We’ve got the Touch.
The KeyWatcher Touch and SmartKey Locker Touch are a powerful key control and management systems with touch screen convenience for
enterprise-level to SMB applications. The large 7” interface
offers step by step instructions to the user.


saves time by allowing you to return a key to any KeyWatcher
in your building, while KeyFind lets you locate which
KeyWatcher a specific key is in, or determine who has it out.
Keys available to a user can easily and quickly be called up
on the screen. Key reservations and notes can now easily be
entered on the screen. The unified KeyWatcher Site design
allows a network of KeyWatcher Touch systems to share a
single database, which can accommodate more than 14,000
keys and over 10,000 users. All control and management of
the system, including programming, remote functions and
reporting is managed via KeyWatcher TrueTouch software.


KeyRings™ provide a convenient, tamper-proof locking mechanism along with a
unique identification system. It is easy to add or remove keys with no need
to cut through and destroy the stainless steel ring.
Morse Watchmans’ economical Replaceable Hub Technology lets you re-use the
more valuable ring and simply replace the colored hub. Simple to work
and easy to use, tamper-proof KeyRings add security and value.

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  • SmartKey Watcher

KeyWatcher Touch datasheet

SmartKey Locker Touch datasheet