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Additional Components;

Transmitters for Satellite and Cellular Notification/Tracking.

Marine Guard Security Equipment such as CCTV, Alarms and access control systems, need to be considered to protect your Yacht or Boat.

Any super yacht are attractive, people want to know how it looks inside. Also, trespassers are attracted by luxury and celebrity. The value of objects such as phones, passports, jewelry, cash, laptops, electronics and other personal belongings, attracts thieves. To them, a super yacht means ‘big and easy money’.
Most of security companies to protect yachts would simply install a land based system, similar as the one used in a commercial and residential building or house. Such security designs isn’t appropriate for a Yachts.
A yacht is a busy place, with numerous people coming in and out. Crew, day workers, technicians, family and guests are all permitted on board, so a simple land-based alarm system turned on very often.
The only appropriate security system for a super yacht is a motion sensor system based on early detection with immediate notification for an accurate verified response. This is possible by using motion sensors on the decks, switches on all entries, and access control devices; the crew is alerted via sms and email along with camera views that follow the intruder. Access control entry is provided for the crew, main entry and engine room. Additional areas to secure can include owner and guest areas, the bridge and the captain’s cabin.
Prox Access Security used the best motion sensor wireless security solution, highly encrypted communication that cannot be jammed.
Our Alarm system and CCTV can be linked to your house and mobile phone without the need of an expensive ISP plan on board. We can protect your luxury Yacht with 24 hours monitoring and real time alerts on your phone through sms/email/call.
Prox Access is using a combination of the most advanced alarm and CCTV systems andmotion sensors wireless with up to 5 years battery connected to a router O2 secure and monitored by Securenet.
You decide which solution is better for you, between monitoring yourself or using a 24/7 monitoring company. Prices are very competitive.

Contactless RFID reader with fingerprint scanner
Access Control system on board:

This unique Biometric Finger Print, digital Pin Code scrambling based Access Control system is placed at each Access Controlled door. All the peripheral components (door security reader, strike lock, status switches, REX Button, etc…) are interconnected to the door controller web based software management accessible via a simple network connection.
No need for a dedicated computer anymore, the access control software management enrolls a user friendly interface with a database of approved users and their security access levels.
The security reader is the highest level of security currently existing on the market, 3 levels of security, Swipe card + Finger print + Pin Code. The Swipe cards/fobs are impossible to cracked thus to duplicate, the finger prints are stocked inside the card/fob and encrypted to warranty the safety of your finger prints unlike standalone system and direct finger print access. Finally the Pin Code is entered on a digital screen with scrambeling technology making it impossible to thematically obtain your combinaison. We can setup provide different levels of security at different doors or at different threat levels.
A door can be set for proximity reading using the access card/fob or additionally with fingerprint reading.
These Biometric readers are fully operating even in extreme condition and can be integrate to any doors, the readers are so strong and secured that we warranty them for a life time.



We offer an IP based, SIP enabled intercom that can be integrated into the ship’s digital or analog phone system.
A wide-angle color IR Face Camera to monitor the boarding area.
A Biometric security access Reader integrated into the ship’s Security System; allowing guests and crew members to “clear a path” on or off the ship without turning off the rest of the system. Once safely on board, the path can be rearmed. The Biometric security Reader ensures that lost cards or fobs are not a problem. We can also mount the reader of an existing system to integrate it into your system.

Alarm system for super Yacht & Boat


Simple, no-tools installation reduces costs while maximizing performance. • Totally wireless peripherals (one and two-way) enable discrete, secure and repeatable installations • Direct Bluetooth® local control or cloud-based remote control from the same app provides unmatched system response times for the users • 1500 meter open-air range for all Resolution sensors ensures large-home coverage without repeaters • Encrypted sensor communications maximize dealer account retention rates

This systems is available with the latest Z-Wave Technology for easy integration with your existing devices


• The first fully wireless system
• Z-Wave Receiver & Ethernet Port
• Bluetooth Smart Radio
• CryptiX™ crystal-based, 433MHz security sensor receiver
• Helix can be installed in an office,entertainment center or even a closet. This reduces installation costs.
• With Helix dealers don’t need to pull wires for peripheral devices or other sensors.• Helix can be installed in an office,entertainment center or even a closet. This reduces installation costs.
• Encrypted private network with anti-jamming signal.




IP HD WIRELESS camera is a compact cube camera designed for indoor/outdoor surveillance compatible with O2 SecureNet. Equipped with a 1-megapixel sensor enabling viewing resolution of 1280×800 at a smooth 30 fps, the IP8336W is an all-in-one outdoor camera capable of capturing high quality, high resolution video.
360 Degree Surveillance a Cloud-enabled IP Surveillance camera built with a fisheye lens and a 2 megapixel sensor, making it ideal for monitoring large areas with a single camera. A fisheye lens to provide incredible wide angle coverage; simply place it on a wall for a panoramic 180° view of a room, or place it on a ceiling for a full 360° view without blind spots.
  • Incorporating an IR-cut filter that can be removed automatically at night and built-in IR illuminators with coverage of up to 5 meters, the IP8336W is an outstanding 24-hour surveillance solution. The IP66-rated housing of the IP8336W enables users to easily build a cost-effective IP-based system without additional accessories.
    The IP8336W supports the industry-standard H.264 compression technology along with MPEG-4 and MJPEG options, allowing the user to drastically reduce file sizes and conserve valuable network bandwidth. In addition, IP8336W is integrated with 802.11b/g/n wireless, making installation easier and video streaming faster than ever before. The WPS function also makes wireless configuration easy and straightforward. Together with the free multi-lingual 32-channel recording software ST7501, users can set up an easy-to-use IP surveillance system with ease.

    Key Features

    • 1-megapixel CMOS Sensor
    • Compact, Elegant Design
    • Removable IR-cut Filter for Day and Night Function
    • Built-in IR Illuminators, Effective up to 5 Meters
    • Real-time H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG compression (Triple Codec)
    • Weather-proof IP66-rated Housing
    • Built-in IEEE 802.11b/g/n WLAN
    • Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) for Easy and Secure Wireless Network Connection
    • Built-in MicroSD/SDHC Card Slot for On-board Storage

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What is SecureNet:

SecureNet offers a flexible software as a service (SaaS) alarm transport and interactive services solution for security, IoT and connected home providers.