Prox Access Distributor Expert in RFID NFC & BLE mobile access systems for both offices and residential buildings, offering product solutions to combat overcrowding, unauthorized short-term rentals, and key cloning

Enhance overall safety, Increase convenience, and cut the cost of replacing stolen or lost badges. 

Reduces the risk of access breaches and easily manages access to the premises, with Mobile access control. Use smartphones to access the premises.
Value: $6,994
Start from only $3,497
LifeTime Hardware Warranty Period FIRST 6 MONTHS FREE VIRTUAL CARD MANAGEMENT (valued $1,782)

But What Is A Mobile Access
Control System?

It’s a software access system that allows users to access buildings or restricted areas using their mobile devices and can be managed and controlled remotely by administrators. The smartphone uses Bluetooth or NFC technology – what more convenient way to open the door?

Why Would You Host Access Cards On Your Smartphone?


of employees find access control to be obstructive at times.

Bluetooth Mobile Access provides a great user experience that enhances the support of access policies and systems. Both private and public organizations can benefit from Mobile ID deployments, improving safety.


of organizations depend on third-party infrastructures for their access systems.

Prox Access gives you full control. You can also run the platform exclusively on your own private network if you prefer.


of companies believe their data is at risk.

Our solutions are designed with safety in mind. STid Mobile ID® uses end-to-end access concepts and modern encryption standards for both data storage and communication.


of the operational costs of card management are related to printing, customization, and distribution of the cards.

Mobile Access significantly reduces these costs by allowing you to create, deliver, and revoke virtual cards with just one click. 

✔️ Manageable cards with custom programming

✔️ Full card customization

✔️ Card revocation function

✔️ Temporary visitor badge

✔️ Enhanced user interaction

The STid Mobile ID® Application

The STid Mobile ID® application virtualizes your conventional access cards and stores them on your Android or IOS smartphone. Virtual cards and conventional access cards can co-exist.

The STid Mobile ID® application is available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store free of charge. A free virtual card is available for immediate use upon successful installation.

Download the app for Android and IOS.

Simplify Access While Increasing Safety Overall!

Key fobs are often lost or stolen. Expensive to replace and slow to order.

You never know if the key fob holder isn’t going to duplicate it.

You painstakingly spend time, effort, and money managing people’s access and supervising it. Your office manager’s skills could be put to better use than managing everyone’s key fobs.

That hurts, doesn’t it?
It’s why Bluetooth Virtual Card is the perfect solution, whatever your type of business premises.

The most effective way to manage access to your premises, keep track of access, and stay safe from key fob duplication.

A simple email to us and your staff virtual cards are ready
in a matter of minutes.

Value: $6,994
Start from only $3,497
LifeTime Years Warranty Period FIRST 6 MONTHS FREE VIRTUAL CARD MANAGEMENT (valued $1,782)

5 Quick Questions For You

    • • Does your premises’ electronic access should be more user-friendly?

    • • Would you like to save time and money when replacing a lost credential for someone?

• Does the possibility of key fobs on your premises being cloned without your knowledge cause stress for you?

• Would you like to access your premises simply by walking?

• Would you like the ability to monitor access to your premises from any location?

If your answer is a resounding “YES!” to any of the above, you are not alone!

Introducing the STID Bluetooth Mobile Access System

A secure and convenient solution for commercial and office buildings.

Our company was the first to upgrade a residential building in Australia with Bluetooth mobile access and continues to lead the way with our state-of-the-art system.

Using STid Mobile ID® Portal, you can grant and revoke access to your building or office with your smartphone.

No more keys or codes – just use your phone to unlock doors or wave your hand above the reader for hands-free access. Our system also offers advanced features like real-time monitoring, customizable access permissions, and automatic detection for access when you are within range. Plus, use your phone as a remote control to open doors for guests or deliveries.

You can rely on our extensive experience in implementing Bluetooth mobile access systems.


The STid Mobile ID® Application

The STid Mobile ID application virtualizes your conventional access cards and stores them on your Android or IOS smartphone.
Virtual cards and conventional access cards can coexist.

The STid Mobile ID app is available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store free of charge. A free virtual card is available for immediate use upon successful installation.

The STid Mobile ID® Portal

The STid Mobile ID Portal is a core element of the Mobile ID solution. This is where you create, manage, issue and revoke virtual cards. Hosted in the cloud or on-premise Multi-user and Multi-site.

Remain in full control of the management of virtual cards Supports sub-accounts for resellers and key accounts The SEcard virtual card encoding software can be used to control your data offline.
✅ Convenient access to the premises

✅ Grant and revoke access from your phone

✅ Monitoring virtual card holders’ access

✅ State-of-the-art and innovative

✅ Save on the cost of replacing physical key fobs

Streamlined keyfob management.

✅ Hands-free access & open doors remotely.

STID Bluetooth Mobile Access Features

Cost-effective Card Management

No need to physically hand over cards to employees and visitors. No reason to lose cards. Use the Mobile ID portal to issue and revoke cards efficiently and without delays.

Your Own Brand Identity

The STid Mobile ID platform enables you to customize virtual cards easily and free of charge.

-Front/ Back
-Card background
-Identity photos
-Fixed and variable data

Apple Watch Integration

The STid Mobile ID can run on Apple Watch supports various user interactions modes, bringing an instinctive user experience to iPhone and Apple Watch users.

Your wrist watch transforms into a secure access control card.

6 Unique User Interaction Modes For
Instinctive Contactless Identification

Choose your preferred user interaction mode for contactless identification
to make your access control more intuitive while keeping it secure.

Badge Mode

Present your smartphone or wearable to the reader like a conventional access card.

Slide Mode

Your hand becomes your access card.

Tap Tap Mode

Tap tap the smartphone in your pocket to gain access.

Remote Mode

Use the “remote button” to conveniently access car parks or other vehicle entrances.

Hands-Free Mode

Simply walk towards the reader without any further action.

Voice Command

SIRI voice commands on your iPhone (iOS) or Apple Watch.

Welcome to High Safety Access Systems

STid is the first RFID manufacturer to have received First Level Defense Certification (CSPN). It’s a recognition of our unique know-how, the technological and defense expertise that are implemented in your access architecture, whether new or existing. The Architect Blue reader uses the latest MIFARE contactless chip technologies with new data safety mechanisms. All public encryption algorithms can be used (3DES. AES, RSA, SHA, etc. ), which are recommended by official data defence agencies (such as the French national agency ANSSI). The Architect Blue series uses an EALS+ cryptoprocessor to improve protection and privacy.

Safety Via Smartphone Use.

For users, nothing is more convenient than using a smartphone to gain access. Smartphones are personal and always carried, while physical cards require an additional object that can be lost or stolen.

Secure Data Storage.

STid Mobile ID® protects access data stored on the phone through encryption and authentication methods. It uses publicly compliant RGS algorithms (AES-256 and SHA-2) and unique user keys to encrypt and authenticate data in the application. Encrypted keys are not stored in the application.

Multi-factor Authentication.

You can increase the safety of your installation by requiring users to unlock their smartphone (using a PIN or biometrics) when accessing the perimeter. You can also use Architect Blue readers with a standard or random keypad module for added safety.

Anssi & Fips Compliant Secure Exchanges.

STid Mobile ID® ensures data authenticity and confidentiality throughout the IT chain: HTTPS-TLS exchanges, mutual authentication for each transaction, uniquely encrypted and signed data exchange, etc.

Best Market Self-Protection

The innovative tamper protection system protects sensitive data and allows for the deletion of authentication keys (patented solution). Unlike other solutions on the market, the reliability of the accelerometer-based technology cannot be defeated.

Standing The Test of Time

Designed to push the boundaries, The Architect Blue reader design has been developed to withstand hard enviornments, to operate outside (IP65 level) and to offer a high vandal proof resistance (IK10).



Prox Access recommended us the STID Bluetooth mobile access system to replace our old key fobs and expensive parking remote control, which were constantly being lost. Now we don't have to worry about lost keys, feel more secure, and save money.
Prox Access helped us secure our building, which had been occupied by slumlords and had units being misused by unscrupulous residents. The solution provided is so effective that we no longer have overcrowded units in our building.
Before switching to the mobile access system, I was replacing 50 key cards a year for staff who lost them or broke them. Managing physical keys was a time-consuming process, and I was wasting a lot of time and money on it. Now I let Prox Access manage online the accesses using the Bluetooth NFC mobile access system, I'm able to save time and money
Overall we'd spend thousands of dollars a year in maintenance and buying new credentials, not to mention how many people forget their keyfobs. Now Prox Access takes care of everything and even managed to spot one of our staff looking online for a way to gain access to the office without permission! We used to have an HID iClass system and discovered that keyfobs could be duplicated.... With mobile access, we don’t have to worry anymore.
Before implementing the STID Bluetooth mobile access system, our building in Sydney CBD was spending a lot of money on fobs, facility management, and levies due to overcrowding thanks to slumlords duplicating fobs... Now, we no longer have to purchase fobs and all slumlords are gone for good. The STID system has been a cost-effective, time-saving solution and we save on maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bluetooth mobile access is a technology that allows you to use your mobile device (e.g. smartphone or tablet or Apple watch) to access the premises.
To use Bluetooth mobile access, you will need to have a mobile device with Bluetooth enabled. To connect to the reader, you will need to download the STID Mobile app and the Virtual card that you should have received in your email.
The range of Bluetooth mobile access depends on the specific device you are using and the environment it is in. In general, the range of Bluetooth is about 30 feet, but it can be affected by obstacles such as walls and other electronic devices.

The STID Bluetooth mobile access is secured. To ensure the protection of access data stored in the phone, STid Mobile ID® uses public RGS-compliant algorithms (AES-256 and SHA-2) to encrypt and authenticate data in the application using unique user keys. encrypted keys are not stored in the application.

Increase the safety level of your installation even further by enforcing that users unlock their smartphone (PIN, biometrics) when accessing the perimeter. In addition, it is possible to use Architect Blue readers standard or random keypad modules.

ANSSI & FIPS compliant secure exchanges STid Mobile ID® guarantees data authenticity and data confidentiality at every step of the IT chain: HTTPS – TLS exchanges, mutual authentication for each transaction, uniquely encrypted and signed data exchange.
Bluetooth mobile access is available on most modern mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. If you are not sure if your mobile device has Bluetooth capability, you can check the documentation that came with the device or look for Bluetooth settings in the device’s settings menu.
If you are experiencing issues with Bluetooth mobile access, there are a few steps you can try to troubleshoot the problem:

Make sure that your mobile device has Bluetooth enabled.

Restart your device and try connecting again.

Check that your device is within range of the reader.

Make sure that your device is compatible with Bluetooth mobile access.

Check for any software updates or firmware updates for your devices.

If you are still having issues, try resetting the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device.

If you are on Android, open the STID mobile app, go to settings and turn off the NFC.
Yes, your installer can move your installation to the new premises. You will pay for decommissioning the readers, and door controllers. Unfortunately, we cannot remove the emergency break-glasses, strike-locks/maglocks. Then you will pay for the new wiring, the new stike locks/maglocks, reinstallation of the equipment, and testing.
All hardware parts related to STID are lifetime warranted.

Who is Prox Access ?

The Founder of Prox Access, an electronic systems distributor based in Sydney, Australia. Since 2010, the founder has been an expert in NFC and other RFID (radio frequency identification) technologies – making him an expert in the field!

Why Choose Prox Access ?

• Prox Access – a pioneering access control systems distributor that specializes in RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. If you’ve ever used a key card to access an office building or hotel room, you already know how this works.
• We live and breathe NFC (which is an evolution of RFID tech), so it was the logical next step to launch Bluetooth Mobile Access.
• Your safety and ease of experience is paramount to us, so we pride ourselves on providing you with the best technical solutions and support!

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