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Mobile Access

Mobile access refers to using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, or wearables to gain entry to secure locations, gates, networks, and services. Our innovative solutions cater to the ever-increasing needs of the mobile-first world, enabling organizations to stay ahead of the curve in providing seamless mobile access.


STID Mobile Access transforms mobile devices into powerful credentials for gaining access to secure locations, networks, services, and more.

Our cutting-edge technology leverages BLE®, providing unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and safety for organizations of all types and sizes.

Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Mobile Access: Advantages and Benefits

Enhance Convenience

Easily access facilities with a mobile device through 6 intuitive access modes:


"Remote Mode",

"Voice Command", and more.

Improve Efficiency

Administrators can create, manage, issue, and revoke credentials through the cloud using our online management portal.

Enhance Safety

The solution is powered by STID credential technology and delivered through a highly secure and reliable cloud platform.

Touchless by Design

Ensure the safety of employees and staff by providing over-the-air provisioning and native touchless functionality.

Unlock your Office With iPhone and Apple Watch

Say goodbye to traditional employee badges and hello to a more streamlined, secure solution. With Apple Wallet employee badges, your employees can easily access office doors, elevators, turnstiles, multifunction printers, and more using just their iPhone or Apple Watch. Our solution integrates seamlessly with existing access control systems and takes advantage of the built-in safety features of Apple devices, ensuring a convenient and secure experience for all.

Easy to Enroll

Set up STID Mobile Access on your mobile device in just a few simple steps. Click or hover over each component for details.

Celebrating the Achievements of Our Valued Customers

STID Mobile Access seamlessly blends safety with convenience by allowing users to utilize their mobile devices to unlock doors and more. Our collection of case studies provides insights from our customers on their deployment of mobile access and the benefits they have experienced in creating value within their organizations. Consult these case studies to learn more about the mobile access solution and how it has helped our customers.


STid Mobile ID® simplifies card management by using virtual cards on smartphones, 

alone or with traditional cards.



Explore Our Diverse Reader Selection

STid provides a comprehensive selection of access control readers that seamlessly integrate with STid Mobile ID®. Our readers adhere to open contactless identification standards and prioritize user-friendly interaction.

Easy Reader Configuration via Smartphone

With the STid Settings® mobile app, available for free, configuring our readers is a hassle-free process:

  • Remote reader configuration management
  • Selecting and configuring identification modes

Tailored Virtual Cards for Your Unique Requirements

  • Identifier issued on download of application: Users receive their identifier immediately upon downloading the app, streamlining the setup process.
  • Access user interaction: Enhanced user interface for easy interaction and access management.
  • Upgradeable to premium identification experience: Option to upgrade for a more sophisticated and enhanced identification experience.
  • Manageable cards with custom programming: Offers flexibility in card functionality and access permissions.
  • Full card customization: Allows for personalized designs and Safety features on each card.
  • Card revocation function: Enables administrators to quickly revoke access rights and deactivate cards as needed.
  • Temporary visitor badge: Provides secure and controlled access for visitors with time-limited badges.
  • Enhanced user interaction: Ensures a more intuitive and user-friendly experience for managing and using access cards.

Your Own Brand Identity

The STid Mobile ID® platform enables you to customize virtual cards easily and free of charge.


  • Front / Back: Customize both sides of the virtual card.
  • Card background: Select or design the card’s background for a unique look.
  • Logo: Add your company logo to reinforce brand identity.
  • Identity photos: Incorporate identity photos for personalization and verification.
  • Fixed and variable data: Include essential information with the flexibility to adjust specific details.

Apple Watch Integration


STid Mobile ID® can run on Apple Watch and supports various user interaction modes, bringing an instinctive user experience to iPhone and Apple Watch users.

Your wristwatch transforms into a secure access control card.

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