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Providing a Solution to AirBnB Strata Issues.

Time for owners corporations to look to solutions to protect their buildings against Airbnb strata issues and other short-term lets.

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AirBnB and padlocks in Melbourne City.

Prox Access spotted Padlocks used for AirBnB hosts, this phenomenon is getting bigger since couples months. This Padlocks are used to hyde Buildings Access Cards to gain access to the premise without meeting the AirBnB Hosts.

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IRIS Biometric Security Systems compromised.

Chaos Computer Club Hacker Jan Krissler Finds a Simple Way to Fool IRIS Biometric Security Systems to bypass IRIS Scanners. 

Your IRIS may be copied simply by using a picture of your eyes…

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Disable WPS on your WiFi router now

WPS offline bruteforce attack can be performed against your router in order to recover the WPS PIN code.

The attacker will then have access to your wifi network. 

Many brands are affected. Disable WPS now to be safe.

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Stealing Keys from PCs using a Radio: Cheap Electromagnetic Attacks on Windowed Exponentiation

“Even when a cryptographic scheme is mathematically secure and sound, its implementations may

be vulnerable to side-channel attacks that exploit physical emanations. Such emanations can leak

information about secret values inside the computation, directly or indirectly, and have been exploited

by attacks on many cryptographic implementations.”

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