Stop Overcrowding & AirBnB

Are you tired of dealing with overcrowding and Airbnb in your residential building?

These issues can be caused by disreputable tenants and hosts who are looking to generate profit by overcrowding units or subletting them to Airbnb guests. These individuals can make significant profits, ranging from $14,000-$48,000 per year for one unit to $190,000 to over $500,000 per year for multiple units. The presence of disreputable tenants or Airbnb hosts can damage the integrity, value, and reputation of a building, as well as increase utilities costs and maintenance needs. There is also a higher risk of health and safety issues, including insect infestations and fire and electrical hazards, as well as an increased potential for criminal activity.

Health and Safety issues, Fire and electrical hazards, dramatically increase!

Thus, it is clearly a priority for owners corporations to stop disreputable tenants and Airbnb hosts from dominating their building. Unfortunately, too often owners corporations, building managers or strata managers give up trying to tackle this issue because it seems that wrong-doers always manage to find new ways to bypass their authority. However, with the right advice and tools you can stop overcrowding and short-term letting for good. Part of the solution is to understand the needs of disreputable tenants and Airbnb hosts, how they manage their businesses and how they are able to give illegal additional occupants or Airbnb guests access to your building.

Melbourne AirBnb: 17,220 listings (13th Jan. 2017)


183 estimated nights/year
$196 price/night
50.2% estimated occupancy
$1,920 estimated income/month

Listing per Host:

60.0% (10332) Single-listings
10.8% (1863) More than 1 listing
27.2% (4682) 2 or 3 listings
2.0% (343) 4 or more listings

Room type:

32.5% (5604) Private Room
65.8% (11327) Entire Home/Apartment
1.7% (289) Shared Room

Top 5 Hosts with the most listings:

Top 1 with 174 listings
Top 2 with 132 listings
Top 3 with 113 listings
Top 4 with 85 listings
Top 5 with 63 listings

Top 5 post codes with the most listings:

3000 (Melbourne) with 1294 listings
3941 (Rye) with 511 listings
3006 (Southbank) with 484 listings
3141 (South Yarra) with 483 listings
3065 (Fitzroy) with 347 listings

Top 5 cities with ‘Entire apartment’ listings:

(indicator of the property being used solely for making a profit)

Melbourne with 941 ‘entire apartment’ listings
South Yarra with 346 ‘entire apartment’ listings
Southbank with 336 ‘entire apartment’ listings
St Kilda with 228 ‘entire apartment’ listings
Fitzroy with 220 ‘entire apartment’ listings

Top 3 cities with the most ‘Shared room’:

(possible indicator of overcrowding)

Melbourne, 3000 with 92 ‘shared room’ listings
Melbourne, 3004 with 23 ‘shared room’ listings
Southbank, 3006 with 14 ‘shared room’ listings

Sydney AirBnb: 18,245 listings (Jan. 28th 2017)


60 estimated nights/year
$220 price/night
16.3% estimated occupancy
$759 estimated income/month

Listing per Host:

71.9% (13118) Single-listings
8.9% (1615) More than 1 listing
18.0% (3286) 2 or 3 listings
1.2% (226) 4 or more listings

Room type:

37.0% (6758) Private Room
61.3% (11192) Entire Home/Apartment
1.6% (295) Shared Room

Top 5 Hosts with the most listings:

Top 1 with 134 listings
Top 2 with 86 listings
Top 3 with 82 listings
Top 4 with 77 listings
Top 5 with 55 listings

Top 5 post codes with the most listings:

2026 (Bondi) with 1918 listings
2095 (Manly) with 820 listings
2010 (Darlinghurst) with 731 listings
2034 (Coogee) with 490 listings
2011 (Elizabeth Bay) with 482 listings

Top 5 cities with ‘Entire apartment’ listings:

(indicator of the property being used solely for making a profit)

Bondi with 1181 ‘entire apartment’ listings
Manly with 571 ‘entire apartment’ listings
Darlinghurst with 458 ‘entire apartment’ listings
Elizabeth Bay with 370 ‘entire apartment’ listings
Clovelly with 322 ‘entire apartment’ listings

Top 3 cities with the most ‘Shared room’:

(possible indicator of overcrowding)

Bondi, 2026 with 47 ‘shared room’ listings
Coogee, 2034 with 28 ‘shared room’ listings
Broadway, 2007 with 18 ‘shared room’ listings

Stopping the overcrowding problem

Here at Prox Access we take this issue very seriously and we are the first security company that has investigated and is continuing to investigate all issues related to overcrowding and short-term letting. We can provide cost-effective solutions and the right advice to stop disreputable tenants and Airbnb hosts from operating in your building.

With a strong background in RFID reverse engineering, years of experience combatting short-term letting in Australia’s major cities and extensive knowledge of security access control systems, we are the best solution for your residential building in the fight against overcrowding and short-term letting.

Your access control system might be unsecured. This means that your access cards can be easily duplicated, making it easy for extra, fake access cards/fobs to be provided to additional tenants or Airbnb guests.

It may also be possible to tamper with your intercom system, allowing anyone pressing the unit number on the entry door panel or calling a mobile phone connected to the intercom receiver to enter the building without the need of an access card.

It’s very important for extra tenants or Airbnb guests to have access to the unit 24/7.

If they are unable to access the unit because the building is properly secured, they won’t stay in your building.

To stop overcrowding and short-term letting from taking place in your building, it is vital to ensure that your security access control system doesn’t allow anyone to duplicate your access cards.

After years of work, we understand RFID technologies including security access control systems (door access, intercom, CCTV, and so on) back to front. We are able to fully re-secure residential buildings suffering from overcrowding and short-term letting.

We have identified the best security systems and solutions on the market and have determined what systems are secured and unsecured. We only use systems in which access card duplication is impossible.

Our knowledge of RFID reverse engineering enables us to figure out ourselves if a system is secured or not (i.e. whether it can be hacked or not). We are aware that many security systems currently in use or recently installed in residential buildings are unsecured, thus allowing key holders to duplicate access cards.

We can guarantee our system against access card duplication for decades.

We understand and have solutions for many other techniques used by disreputable tenants and Airbnb hosts to gain access to your building, such as:
– Tampering with intercoms;
– Gaining access through fire escapes;
– Sharing access cards using mailboxes;
– Gaining access through the car park;
– Making illegal arrangements with real estate agents, security guards, building managers and so on.

Our advice and solutions will improve your building and dramatically reduce your costs.Prox Access security systems solutions include biometric readers, the best security systems on the market. We do not recommend, supply and install anything that we cannot guarantee against hacking.
We have unique methods to detect overcrowding in your building and unique solutions to stop it. No other company can offer the insight and guidance that Prox Access provides.

Examples of the advices we give:

Only the building manager should be able to activate, deactivate and create new access cards.


Because unfortunately some security guards are tempted to sell extra access cards to people intent on misusing them. Full control of the system by a single person (the building manager) is the best way to stop this from happening. A security guard should only be able to see who is using the card, when and where, but should never be able to activate or deactivate access cards!

Real estate agents should never be in possession of any access cards.


When a tenant is moving in, the real estate agent should notify the building manager to arrange new access cards so that the building manager can verify the identity of the new tenants and register the access cards on to the security management software. It’s also the only way to have an accurate database and to really know who is living in your building. Some real estate agents hand access cards to potential new tenants so they can inspect the unit alone. Disreputable landlords can then get hold of these cards and duplicate them.

Your building’s security system including your software management should be offline.


Hacking an online computer is very easy. Disreputable landlords can use this to their advantage to access sensitive information or to change their access card accreditation. They can also hack into the card readers’ door and lift control functions.

Does your access control system need to be tested?
Are you interested in Prox Access testing your access control system or other service capabilities?
You need to know if your access control system is 100% secure. This is the right place to find out.
A test of your system by Prox Access is completely FREE.*

Prox Access can also help building managers to find out if a potential new resident has a history of overcrowding or subletting their properties.

Real estate agents are often asked to forward all new applicants’ details to the building manager, then we investigate.

Prox Access has more resources than real estate agents and is thus better able to spot problems before they arise.

Prox Access has security access control system solutions that effectively guard against access card duplication and our security readers come with a lifetime guarantee.

Our knowledge of RFID technologies has already been enlisted by other security companies when they realised that they had been installing unsecured systems for years.

We are the first security company to bring this matters to the public attention.

We can demonstrate you at anytime how your security system can be cracked and give you a cost effective solution to fix the matter.

*Wireless Network Penetration Testing also available.