Stop Overcrowding & AirBnB

Are you tired of dealing with overcrowding and Airbnb in your residential building?

These issues can be caused by disreputable tenants and hosts who are looking to generate profit by overcrowding units or subletting them to Airbnb guests. These individuals can make significant profits, ranging from $14,000-$48,000 per year for one unit to $190,000 to over $500,000 per year for multiple units. The presence of disreputable tenants or Airbnb hosts can damage the integrity, value, and reputation of a building, as well as increase utilities costs and maintenance needs. There is also a higher risk of health and safety issues, including insect infestations and fire and electrical hazards, as well as an increased potential for criminal activity.

THE solution to prevent the use of AirBnb in residential buildings and to enhance security in access control systems is to replace traditional keyfobs and keycards with a more secure and modern technology such as BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Mobile Access.

Here’s how the solution works:
  1. Install BLE-enabled door readers in all common areas of the residential building.
  2. Residents download the building’s mobile app and activate the virtual card they received by email.
  3. When a resident moves into a unit, the building’s manager generates a unique digital virtual key that is sent to the resident’s phone.
  4. The digital key is valid only for the duration of the resident’s lease and is automatically revoked upon lease termination.
  5. Property managers can monitor access to each resident in real-time and can easily grant or revoke access permissions as needed through the manager BLE Bluetooth mobile access app.

Benefits of this solution include:

  1. Enhanced security: The use of digital keys reduces the risk of lost or stolen physical keyfobs and keycards, which can be easily duplicated and used by unauthorized individuals.
  2. Increased control: Property managers can easily monitor access to each unit and revoke access permissions as needed, reducing the likelihood of unauthorized entry.
  3. Cost-effective: This solution eliminates the need for physical keyfobs and keycards, which can be costly to replace or maintain.
Overall, implementing BLE Mobile Access could be a valuable addition to residential buildings’ security and access control systems, preventing the use of AirBnb and unauthorized entry, while also providing a more modern and convenient solution for residents.
What is overcrowding in the context of Airbnb?

Overcrowding refers to the situation where an Airbnb host accommodates more guests than legally allowed in their listing or apartment. This practice can lead to a lack of space, privacy, and safety for guests, as well as noise complaints and violations of local laws.

How can we stop overcrowding in Airbnb rentals?

One effective way to prevent overcrowding is to enforce strict occupancy limits for each Airbnb listing. Hosts should be required to clearly state the maximum number of guests allowed in their listing and be penalized for violations. Additionally, local governments can implement regulations that limit the number of short-term rentals in a given area, thereby reducing competition and incentivizing hosts to follow the rules.

What are the consequences of overcrowding in Airbnb rentals?

Overcrowding can have negative consequences for guests, neighbors, and the community at large. Guests may experience discomfort, lack of privacy, and potential safety hazards. Overcrowded rentals can also generate noise and disturbances, leading to complaints from neighbors and disruptions to the surrounding community. Furthermore, overcrowding can exacerbate housing shortages in cities with high demand for short-term rentals, which can have long-term impacts on affordability and availability of housing.

How can I report overcrowding in an Airbnb rental?

If you suspect that a rental is overcrowded, you can report it to the local authorities or Airbnb. Airbnb has a dedicated neighborhood support line that allows neighbors to report issues related to noise, safety, and other concerns. In addition, many cities have established hotlines or online reporting systems to report short-term rental violations.

What are some alternatives to Airbnb that can help prevent overcrowding?

There are several alternatives to Airbnb that can help reduce overcrowding and promote responsible short-term rentals. One example is One Fine Stay, which offers high-end vacation rentals and operates with strict occupancy limits. Another alternative is Flipkey, which specializes in vacation rentals and has a review system that encourages hosts to maintain high standards of quality and safety. Additionally, some cities have established their own short-term rental platforms that comply with local regulations and promote responsible hosting practices.

CCTV Installation | Expert Security Solutions

CCTV Installation Sydney & Melbourne: Secure Your Property Today

Upgrade your security with our top-of-the-line CCTV Installation Services in Sydney and Melbourne. Get peace of mind knowing your property is monitored and protected 24/7.

Product Description

Experience the ultimate in home and business security with our professional CCTV installation services.

We provide high-quality equipment, expert technicians, and unparalleled customer service. Protect your property and loved ones with our reliable and efficient CCTV solutions, designed to suit your specific needs and budget.

Product Details

  • Professional installation
  • High-quality CCTV equipment
  • Expert technicians
  • Tailored solutions to fit your needs
  • Suitable for residential and commercial properties

Explanation of CCTV installation services

CCTV installation services are professional services that provide the installation of closed-circuit television cameras and surveillance systems. These services can be used for both home and business security purposes, and they often include a range of services, such as installation, setup, and maintenance.


Importance of CCTV installation services

CCTV installation services are essential for the security of homes and businesses. CCTV cameras can deter criminals and provide valuable evidence in the event of a break-in or theft. These services are also useful for monitoring employees, customers, and visitors in a business setting.


How to Choose the Best CCTV Installation Service

  1. Cost of installation – it is essential to consider the cost of installation when choosing a CCTV installation service.
  2. Type of cameras – the type of cameras used will affect the quality of the footage and the overall effectiveness of the system.
  3. Quality of installation – choosing a reliable and experienced installation service will ensure the system is set up correctly and will work correctly.
Prox Access is a reliable and trusted provider of home surveillance system installation in Sydney and Melbourne.
We offer a range of CCTV installation services, including design, installation, and maintenance. Our team of professionals will work with you to design a system that meets your specific needs and budget.

Choosing the right CCTV installation service is crucial for the security of your home or business.

By considering the cost of installation, the type of cameras used, and the quality of installation, you can choose a reliable and effective CCTV installation service that meets your specific needs.

By selecting Prox Access with the best CCTV installation services in Australia, you can be confident that your home or business is secure and protected.


We provide CCTV installation services in Sydney and Melbourne.

Yes, we tailor our CCTV solutions to meet your specific needs and budget.

Absolutely! We cater to both residential and commercial properties.


Don’t leave your security to chance. Invest in our top-rated CCTV installation services in Sydney and Melbourne today. Secure your property, protect your loved ones, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that our experts have you covered.

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Security Patch iClass 13.56 MHz

Because for your building card copy is the best solution to overcrowding, and because most buildings’ security access control systems are not secure

Prox Access has developed a security patch that is adaptable to any access control system.

Prox Access uses a unique technology that can stop anyone with a duplicated swipe card or fob from, accessing premises.

Our knowledge of reverse engineering brought us to this result and gives you a way to stop malicious individuals from gaining access to your building without permission.

Price is 70 % cheaper and there is no need to change your entire security installation.

Security Access Control Systems

Most Advanced Secured & Versatile Security Readers

Prox Access only installs access control systems that are fully secure and completely impervious to hacking attempts.

We use the best RFID technology, which is selected from all of the different security technologies available on the market and is then tested by our team.

Our knowledge in reverse engineering, guarantees you the most secure and efficient access control system currently in existence.

There are numerous benefits using the Prox Access control systems:

-Enable you to fully secure your premises

-Are comprehensively tested by us to guarantee your safety

-Are impossible to crack and do not suffer from any weaknesses

-Reduce your security labour costs

-Allow you to manage people more effectively

-Enable you to improve your control over your business

-Allows you to distribute Mobile Phone Virtual Access Card

-Come with a life time hardware warranty

-Compatible with a multitude of existing security systems

One unique core, infinite possibilities.


RFID Card Reader


BLE Bluetooth

RFID + Fingerprint
RFID + Keypad

RFID + Touch Screen

Scrambling keypad


RFID +Touch Screen

Scrambling keypad + Fingerprint

BLE Bluetooth Mobile AccessRead More »

Personalised Logo | Skin Effect | Multi-Colored LED


Prox T Reader

Vandal-proof – Anti tampering

  • The reader’s memory is totally erased if it is vandalised;
  • Find out when it happened;
  • Reactivate the readers using a special configuration card;

Weather Resistant

– Water passes harmlessly through the reader.

Ultimate Security

– Security encryption is not only stored in the reader but between the access card/fob and the reader then the reader to the door controller.

LifeTime Hardware Warranty

  • If the system becomes insecure, we will replace it for free.
  • If your reader stop working, we will replace it for free.

Pair your door reader with an advanced technology security controller:

-Access, security and building automation managed from a browser interface

-Simple, intuitive user and event reporting

-Featuring advanced integration of arming and disarming solutions

-Providing a highly sophisticated access control solution with large user capacity and extensive features

-Reports exportable to CSV format for easy filtering in spreadsheet applications

-Integration with a wide range of third party systems

-Encrypted module network using RS-485 communication

-Firmware upgradable directly from the Protege Web Interface

-The web-based interface gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere - the office, from home, or on the road

Easy Updates

Updates are a breeze to apply. Simply upload the update file then follow the onscreen instructions.

Go Big Tomorrow

Expandable modules allow you to scale your system as your requirements change.

Full Control

Advanced integration of arming and disarming features allow the control of up to 32 alarm areas.

Intelligent Modules

Programmable functions for performing event based actions, such as adjusting internal lighting levels based on a sensor reading.

Highly Sophisticated

Integrated access control with large capacity and extensive management features.

Offsite Reporting Services

The controller incorporates a choice of offsite reporting options.