Access control systems

High-End Advanced Security Systems

High-End Advanced Security Systems for Offices, Houses, Residential buildings, Commercial buildings, Warehouses, and more. Offering a 7 Years Warranty against card key duplication.

  • Fully secure and completely impervious to hacking attempts.
  • Compatible with your current security software management and security controllers (lift, door, parking…).
  • We also have the perfect web-based software management for your business.
  • PCI Compliant
  • Vandal Proof
  • Unduplicable Credentials
  • Tampering Detection
  • Readers Lifetime Warranty

Bluetooth Mobile Access

Prox Access is the only provider to offer the option of client-based hosting or remote hosting by a trusted third party using open source encryption for the highest level of security.

Our platforms for local (offline) or remote (online) card creation / revocation so that organizations can remain autonomous and independent in access rights management, full autonomy, no dependencies, you have a full control over your system.

Residential building, offices, houses access control bluetooth and Parking gate Bluetooth!

CCTV Houses & Offices

O2 IP CCTV SYSTEMS perfect for houses & offices

For modern day IP CCTV systems, it is essential to be Full HD, Easy to Configure, Reliable in quality and Cost-effective.
The O2 CCTV Australia is simply Incomparable quality with Unbeatable price and the right
choice for your premises.
All O2 brand cameras and NVRs come with standard 3 year warranty.
Enquire today to experience our great offers and professional services!



Comelit video intercom

Design, technology and security. Even when you are away from home.

For a welcome that suits your style.

Comelit entrance panels are design-conscious products, inspired by the masters of modern architecture and decorating the entrance to your home in style.
Elegant, durable frames that showcase all their technological potential when necessary.

Comelit door entry monitors are design-conscious products created as the ideal decorative accessory for your home. But there is more than style to consider. They actually offer an unparalleled level of technology, with functions and features designed to meet all requirements.

Indoor door entry monitors.

Maxi: Technology and design in panorama format.

Design inspired by the masters of minimalism, 7-inch screen and cutting-edge technology. Comelit Maxi door entry monitor: the high-end door entry monitor.



16:9 7“ colour wide touch screen with touch activation.

Capacitive touch screen

Capacitive 7” wide touch screen with gesture recognition.

LED lighting

Blue LED courtesy light.


Audio and ringtone volume, colour and adjustment of backlighting intensity.

Icona: minimal and pared-back design.

Transparent, scratch-resistant polycarbonate surface and edges with a brushed metal finish.



16:9 4.3“ colour wide touch screen with touch activation.


Audio and ringtone volume, colour and adjustement of backlighting intensity.

Acoustic shapes

Concave satin-finish shape encourages high acoustic fidelity.


Lock-release, audio in, 5 programmable keys, self-ignition and privacy/doctor.

Mini: Nothing more, nothing less.

Comelit Mini door entry monitor in white with handset and colour monitor. Simple and versatile.



4.3“ 16:9 colour screen.


8 Sensitive touch buttons for lock-release, self-ignition, auxiliary command, privacy, floor door call and 4 further system functions.

Finishes and versions

Stylish soft-touch finish. Available with desk base.


Contrast, brightness and ringtone volume (option of customising the melody).

Away from home app.

With the Comelit App, you can answer calls from anywhere. And open doors and gates.


Answer calls wherever you are

Anyone trying to contact you via your video entrance panel will be able to get hold of you.

Push notification

The app will only activate on call with remarkable energy savings and data.

Intercom calls

You can manage several systems at once and control the home automation system.

View video entry phone calls

View videos recorded from outdoor door entry monitors and cameras (video memory).

Control generic actuators

Control actuators to manage lights, gates and barriers.

View video surveillance cameras

If you have opted for integration with the video surveillance system, you can check the cameras.


Stolen mails, ripped doors… Identity theft is a scourge that unfortunately affects more and more residential buildings.
Thieves usually force the mailboxes cam lock using a screwdriver or simply open them using a master key. Another common issue is residents sharing the building access cards/fobs through the mailboxes, rendering your premises unsecured.
Duplicating the mailbox metal key is easy and cheap, it’s as well an easy way to bypass your access control system when your building is equipped with unduplicable access cards or fobs.
It is therefore necessary to secure your mailboxes block to prevent any theft or damage.

Order RFID swipe Cards & Fobs

Australian accredited RFID credential supplier for Key fob tags & cards used in Residential buildings, Commercial Buildings, offices, warehouses, home and more…

Most orders received before noon get processed & shipped the same day.




Security Alarm Systems Sydney: Protect Your Property with the Best Solutions

Premises wireless alarm system

With Connect O2, it has never been so simple to protect your premises.

No need anymore for long and expensive wiring around the premises, a simple internet connection and appropriate door sensors, will be more than enough to perfectly protect your assets.

Connect O2 is the new generation of wireless alarm system.

Additional 24/7 monitoring and direct alert from your phone, is the perfect combination to stay alert at all the time.