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Cost-Effective Security: Why Buy Keyfobs Directly? | Strata and Building Managers

Unlocking Cost Savings: Why Strata and Building Managers Should Source Keyfobs and Cards Directly

In the world of building management, security is paramount. Strata managers and building managers often face the challenge of ensuring robust security without compromising on cost-effectiveness. A significant aspect of this challenge is the procurement of keyfobs and access cards. Traditionally, many have relied on security integrators to supply these essential items. However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that a more direct approach not only cuts costs but also enhances security oversight. This article explores why strata managers and building managers should consider buying their strata buildings’ keyfobs and cards directly from distributors.

The Problem with Security Integrators

Many security integrators continue to supply strata and building managers with outdated and vulnerable RFID security systems, such as HID proximity, iClass, and SEOS systems. The major issue here is the ease with which these systems can be compromised. Residents can, and do, duplicate credentials, leading to unauthorized access and potential over-occupancy or misuse of properties through short-term letting. This vulnerability poses a significant risk not only to physical security but also to the integrity of the entire building management process.

Direct Purchasing: A Cost-Effective Solution

By purchasing keyfobs and cards directly from distributors, strata managers and building managers can achieve substantial cost savings. Distributors typically offer these products at a fraction of the price charged by security integrators. Moreover, this direct purchasing empowers managers to take charge of their security systems, ensuring they are not bound to the technical and price constraints set by third-party suppliers.

The Security of Direct Procurement

When managers purchase directly from distributors, they not only save on costs but also gain the opportunity to choose from the latest and more secure technologies. Direct procurement allows managers to bypass outdated technologies and opt for newer, more secure options that reduce the risk of cloning and unauthorized access. This proactive approach not only enhances building security but also demonstrates a commitment to maintaining high safety standards.

Be Informed, Save More

Strata and building managers are advised to educate themselves about the different types of access control technologies available. Understanding the specific vulnerabilities and strengths of each system can make a significant difference in both security and cost management. Managers should also stay informed about the latest developments in security technology to ensure they are not falling behind due to outdated systems.
Why should I buy keyfobs directly from distributors?

Buying directly from distributors can significantly reduce costs and allow you to choose more secure and modern technologies.

Are the savings significant when purchasing directly?

Yes, purchasing directly from distributors can cut costs substantially compared to prices marked up by security integrators.

How does direct purchasing enhance security?

Direct purchasing lets you avoid outdated technologies and opt for newer, more secure systems that reduce risks like cloning.

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